updated August 6, 2014

The Virginia United Methodist Assembly Center (VUMAC) at Blackstone is seeking

“Church Partners”


To help expand its ministry “We’ve been providing services and facilities for retreats and conferences for Virginia United Methodists for more than 60 years,” says the Rev. Tommy Herndon, chairman of the VUMAC board, “and we want to continue that ministry.” Herndon and members of the board at VUMAC are asking local churches and church groups as well as individual United Methodists to become “Partners” in supporting the Blackstone ministry. About 80 percent of the annual budget is met by user fees from groups which use the VUMAC facilities but the remainder must come from gifts and contributions. Many improvements have been made at Blackstone in recent years, including a new biomass heating system, and more groups are using the facilities each year. More renovations are currently under way and others are in the planning stages. In her book, “Candlesticks”, the late Ethel Born called Blackstone “a place of Christian fellowship, education, renewal and spiritual growth as God’s spirit touches lives of those who come there.” rdinator, at 757-477-7657 or email jbergdoll@vwc.edu. Mail address: Partners, VUMAC, P.O. Box 22, Blackstone, Va. 23824.







Thought you might like to see the new BioMass Furnace being installed at Blackstone conference and Retreat Center.  This unit will heat the building, heat the swimming pool and all the hot water needs in the building.  It burns sawdust, sage grass, wood chips – almost anything.




Not too Late to Take Advantage of the
Early Bird Special for The Hunts
December 8, 2013 return ….
Evening at Blackstone
Hunts Leap


Dear Friends,


The response to our “Early Bird” special for the upcoming Hunts performance on December 8th, Evening at Blackstone, has been tremendous.  Our thanks to those that have purchased tickets and to guests that are interested in ticket purchase there are only three days remaining to take advantage of this offer!


A Christmas tradition at Blackstone Conference and Retreat Center (VUMAC) for 22 years. We are especially pleased that the Hunts will once again fiddle their way into the hearts of all attending as they deliver their award winning musical genres. To hear a sampling of their music please click here.

We hope that you will take advantage of our “Early Bird” special as outlined below, as we want to provide our faithful guest with the best opportunity for price savings. 

Yours in Christ,


Evening at Blackstone

…the tradition continues



Evening at Blackstone

December 8, 2013

Event Details:


Open House @ 4:00 PM

  Banquet @ 5:30 PM

Performance @ 7:00 PM

Carol Sing &

Social After the Hunt Performance


Breakfast @ 8:30 AM


With “Early Bird” tickets (before September 15th):


1-You can choose your seats at the concert

(see diagram below ~ first come, first serve)


2-You will receive a nice BCRC pewter ornament (1 per couple)


3- Heavily discounted tickets for any package you choose.

(reservations must be made and purchased before Sept. 15th )


Early bird tickets ~ purchased before September 15th

$42.00 single/$75.00 couple

for Banquet & Performance

$75.00 single/$140.00 couple includes

banquet, performance, lodging & breakfast


Advanced tickets ~ September 16 – November 15th

$46.00 single/$83.00 couple

for Banquet & Performance

$83.00 single/$155.00 couple includes

banquet, performance, lodging & breakfast


Tickets ~ November 16 thru December 7

$51.00 single/$93.00 couple

for Banquet & Performance

$88.00 single/$165.00 couple includes

banquet, performance, lodging & breakfast


At the door

$56.00/$103.00 couple

for Banquet & Performance

$93.00/$175.00 couple includes

banquet, performance, lodging & breakfast


Performance only




For event reservations please print the following information 

and mail to:



707 Fourth Street

Blackstone, VA 23824


Make check payable to: VUMAC


Telephone 434-292-5308 to make reservations

if you need to pay by debit/credit card.


Name:     ____________________________________

Address: ____________________________________



Phone #: ____________________________________


Email:     ____________________________________


# of tickets:

Full Package__________________ or

Banquet & Concert ____________ or

Tickets only __________________


Choice of seating: __________________________



Please click here for seating chart.




Sam McCracken
Executive Director
Closing Headline 


Thank your members for their active involvement in the organization. Tell them to look for more event emails in the coming months.