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last updated May 28, 2013


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3014 Camp Overlook Lane  Keezletown, VA 22832


Camp Overlook offering. UMM Challenge Good morning men!!! Just wanted to let you know that the men’s offering from the rally was a whopping $906.04!  Incredible and wonderful!  We had someone personally add $94.00 (directly to camp) making the offering $1000 and establishing the district men as a Camp Grand for 2014!!!!  Now  extra blessing is needed….   I would like to thank each of the men’s groups for participating through the district and invite them to consider doing the same as a local men’s group.  Camp is in need of 39 more Camp Grands to retire the debt and would love to do it by year’s end. What do you think?  Rev. Parson challenged us to “WAKE UP” at our rally.  He challenged us to be more active in our mentorship of others including today’s youth.  Overlook is definitely a place where young and old are mentored in the faith.  Pray about it!!!!

Your Brother in Christ, Scott Dillard